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Russian Science Foundation (RSF)

Russian Science Foundation (RSF)
Homepage (in Russian): http://www.rscf.ru/
Russian Science Foundation is a legal entity established in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. The Foundation provides great opportunities for improving existing funding mechanisms in scientific and technical research fields. The Foundation acts as a flexible tool for providing support to scientific research projects which considers all possible features of this field and aims to develop and increase competitiveness of scientific and higher education organisations.
The mission of the Foundation is to identify the most promising and ambitious research projects and the most efficient scientists that are capable of establishing teams of like-minded colleagues and educating young Russian researchers while conducting research projects of the highest global importance. The winners selected by the Foundation based on projected significance of anticipated project results for world science, the Russian economy and society receive the necessary long-term financial and research support. One of the main conditions for the participants refers to having young scientists as part of the scientific team that implements a project.
Core values of the Foundation include:
• Creativity and initiative, as well as implementation of the Russian researchers’ potential, search for and development of promising ideas;
• World class research, its relevance and novelty, significance of the results to the scientific world and for meeting the needs of the Russian economy and society;
• Opportunities for the development of young scientists and development of research teams;
• Attraction of new scientists into the scientific arena in addition to calling in new attitudes and competencies. Ensuring feedback to the scientific community.
The Foundation is open to cooperation with any Russian, international and foreign organisation, research team and scientist which can contribute to the objectives of the RSC and foster implementation of its mission. The Foundation distributes research grants on the basis of the opinions provided by the most highly qualified and competent experts, both Russian and international. The Foundation’s expert committees consist of the leading Russian scientists which are recognized both nationally and internationally.
The Foundation holds a competitive selection of scientific and technical programs and projects aimed at:
• Fundamental research and exploratory research initiated by research teams and individual scientists and education specialists, including young scientists, scientific organisations and educational institutions of higher education;
• Development of scientific organisations and educational institutions of higher education in order to strengthen the human capacity of science, research and development of world-class high-technology products;
• Creation of laboratories and departments within scientific organisations and educational institutions of higher education which correspond to the global quality standards, development of experimental foundation for scientific research;
• Development of international scientific and technical cooperation.

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