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Joint initiative research projects competition of the Russian Foundation for Basic research (RFBR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Competition objectives: Financial support for both Russian and German researchers in their joint initiative scientific activities.
The Competition supports basic research projects being conducted by joint Russian and German scientific teams in the area of Biology and Medical Sciences.
Russian and German scientists, supervisors of the joint project, must agree in advance on the name and content of their applications and submit the applications to RFBR (Russian) and DFG (German Research Foundation).
Russian scientists submit the application after the registration of German team’s project in DFG. The number of German application must be sent to RFBR.
The duration of the joint initiative research project is 1, 2 or 3 years.
The name of the project must be the same for both Russian and German application.
Applicants are welcome to submit their applications till March 01, 2018.
RFBR: http://www.rfbr.ru/rffi/ru/classifieds/o_2054325
DFG: http://www.dfg.de/en/research_funding/announcements_proposals/info_wisse...

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