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Webinar "Opportunities for Radiation Protection research projects under CONCERT programme"

The ‘CONCERT-European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research’ under Horizon 2020 is operating as an umbrella structure for the research initiatives jointly launched by the radiation protection research platforms MELODI, ALLIANCE, NERIS and EURADOS. CONCERT is a co-fund action that aims at attracting and pooling national research efforts with European ones in order to make better use of public R&D resources and to tackle common European challenges in radiation protection more effectively by joint research efforts in key areas.

This webinar will allow you to understand better the EJP CONCERT; final scope, functioning and funding opportunities linked to the topic of radio-protection: 2nd Call for Proposals on “Radiation Protection Research in Europe”.

The webinar will be organized jointly by the EURATOM NCP Network NUCL-EU 2020 and the Health NCP Network HNN2.0, and it will be presented by the CONCERT team: Annemarie Schmitt-Hannig, Michael Warning and Nathalie Impens.

Participation to this webinar is free of charge but pre-registration is required (http://www.healthncp.net/registration-form-hnn-20-webinar-opportunities-...). Due to the limited places, the registrations will be accepted on the first come-first served basis. The participation of more than one person per institution may be discouraged.

Deadline for registration: 20.03.2017 (or full capacity).
Registration does not constitute automatic acceptance to the webinar. You will receive a confirmation email by 20th of March.

Date and time of the webinar: 21.03.2017, 10:30 to 11:45 am CET

Duration: approx. 75 minutes (60mins presentation + 15min Q&A)

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